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Announcement of IRMA Assessment

March 31, 2022

ERM CVS announces an independent, third-party assessment of Albemarle’s Salar de Atacama Plant, near San Pedro de Atacama, El Loa Province, Antofagasta Region, Chile. The assessment will measure the Mine against the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) Standard for Responsible Mining.

ERM CVS, an IRMA-approved certification body, will carry out an on-site assessment from 25 - 29 April 2022

Stakeholders (community members, workers, and other affected or interested parties) are invited to submit written comment to ERM CVS about the environmental and social performance of the Salar Plant. In particular, comments should focus on how the performance of the Mine compares with the IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining. Stakeholders may also contact ERM CVS if they would like to be interviewed as part of the assessment process. When possible, interviews with local stakeholders will be scheduled to take place during the on-site assessment time period and may be by telephone, video-conference, or in-person, taking into consideration COVID-19 precautions.

Please register as a stakeholder to receive more information about the Salar Plant IRMA assessment as it becomes available. To register, submit questions or comments, or request to be interviewed as part of the assessment process, please contact ERM CVS, details below. Comments will be kept confidential upon request.

Email: post@ermcvs.com

WhatsApp / Tel: +56 55 253 9466

ERM CVS is an IRMA-approved certification body with head offices in London, England. For more information about ERM CVS go to www.ermcvs.com

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